How to Install Citrix Client on Ubuntu

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I needed to log onto the site at work and we use Citrix. Not a problem except that I use Ubuntu and Helpdesk don’t help anybody that is on Linux so I was on my own.

I managed  to install Citrix and got it working and then it dawned on me that I have to upgrade my Ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 and when I meant upgrade,  I meant reinstall as I wanted a 64 bit operating system. Since I will be wiping out my hard diisk, I decided to record my attempts at installing Citrix so I can redo it once more.

This is the recording:

First I searched Google for references:,or.r_gc.r_pw.

From Google I got to the Ubuntu Community page at;

The link on that page did not work so I eventually got this link from  Google: to download the ICA receiver. A hint: Use the Download Manager offered on that page. It is both faster and downloads completely.

Then I got stuck on finding out what the equivalent Linux was for OpenMotif: This page helps: and it led me to: Alex Voinichs page that described how to get the Linux equivalent of openMotif.  Alexs’ page is at:

After getting OpenMotif next task was to confirm this on the Ubuntu Forums:;;

Next isssue was to deal with the trust issie. This site was very helpful:; And the Citrix Knowledge Centre at :

Then I hit aproblem with a non existent file called:

I googled it and got this list:

The Google list led me to this page which gave an idiots guide to resolving the problem and also a few other niggling ones. It was a very helpful and clearly illustrated site:

Final wrapping upcame from  these two pages: and

After that the Citrix Client logged in successfully after I restarted my machine to enable firefox to find the root certoficate I copied over. I could have closed Firefox and restarted just it alone to achieve the same effect but my hard disk was going like crazy and I felt a restart would solve both issues.

I hope you find it useful.




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I am currently trying to identify the best tool to use to manage my references section. So far Mendeley s the best one but my problem is the propietary format and the corresponding EULA.
Irrespective of that though, that is so far my choice and I am at the moment installing it in my ubuntu laptop.

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